Thursday, 20 February 2014

When we engage we learn

Exchanging opinions, ideas and views of a situation can really help us broaden our awareness, our understanding of a situation...and OFTEN another view can offer us a fresh way of looking at a situation.

So I believe that is why we thrive in community.

I look forward to your comments, experiences and opinions.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Its simple

What life has taught me over the years and this was re-emphasized this weekend.

Life is about engaging in the moment. The moment is all we have AND the moment is where we have so much to find. The moment is the I AM. Its where we can find purpose, understanding and truth. Its where we can shed what we may be carrying from the past and step away from that which we may anticipate in the future. The moment is where we can manifest our purpose our calling. 

Holding onto the past dims our light, drains our energy and limits our experience in the moment. 

The future...well for that we need trust and faith...which we can only find or achieve/activate in the moment...the present moment.

Life can present us with many questions...we need to have faith that these questions will be answered when the time is right and we are prepared and ready/open to see/hear or understand the answers. 

Allowing life to guide us is so important. Be a seeker and an adventurer. Sometimes our scary experiences are those that shape us the most. With this I am not referring to thrill seeking experiences...I am speaking about facing ourselves...allowing ourselves time and the opportunity to truly see ourselves and learning to appreciate and learn from what we see.

The words above are echoing within me right now and I feel they may serve you. 

So enjoy and cherish the moment. Remember to breath and take time to be still...surrender to life in order to understand it.

Sending each and everyone of you love and a reminder to ancor light.