Sunday, 6 April 2014


Have you ever heard of the Story or perhaps its a parable...

...about the man who stood on the roof of his house whilst escaping the flood waters that surrounded him and his town.

He prayed intensely to God for a miracle. 

As he stood on the roof of his house the rescue helicopter flew over and offered to help...

...yet he declined. His answer to them was "God will save me". 

Waiting for a miracle he let the helicopter go and continued praying.

We are often so busy waiting for a miracle that we dont see the miracle of life happening right in front of us. Often times our miracles are within actions we can take, opportunities that present themselves, lessons that we face and people that we meet. 

Opening our awareness/eyes to SEEING. 

A beautiful analogy that my brother shared with me yesterday. YES to the beauty and miracles we find in those around us. Yesterday he was my miracle.

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