Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Being present = being completely in our truth

"Life's I get older it sometimes seems that life presents itself more complicated...or perhaps I am simply more aware of the different aspects of life now than I was in my younger years."

As I am sure I am not alone in this I would like to share my questions with you. 

The journey of life as I have lived and observed has its cycles. Sometimes we are in a learning stage and sometimes we find ourselves in a coasting stage. 

The past 18 months I have definately experienced a 'learning' stage in my cycles of Life and yes it has been quite a Rollercoaster ride at times. Taking the turns as gracefully as I could, my focus and aim have remained on staying I caught myself hiding from the present. So here are my thoughts on this, which may hopefully inspire you:

When we hide from the present (which we may not always notice right away) are we in actual fact denying ourselves OUR 'truth' or simply the 'BEING PRESENT'!

This may manifest in how we respond to a situation, what we say or what we don't say, what we chose and even why we chose something. 

I think life and the temptation I often encounter within myself and which I observe around me, is that of 'escaping' or handing the responsibility of life to someone else/or others opinion by following blindly rather than being Present in our decision making/actions - or it can be as simple as us stepping out of the Present moment by allowing the Past and the Future to consume us.

The TRUTH is that being present and sometimes not is part of our journey. We cannot be in a perfect zone all the time, otherwise there would be no space for learning. In my view being completely truthful to ourselves and others also needs to be mindfully dealt with, as unfortunately sometimes we can be irrational or our actions/thoughts can come from a selfish space rather than a pure one OR more importantly our TRUTH also sometimes has a timing which cannot be put across without the readiness of others or a situation to be able to receive it. 

YET when we pause...view things objectively...allowing ourselves to let go or step out of our own way...we CAN feel/see more clearly when we are in our TRUTH, FLOW or we can call it simply BEING PRESENT - it is here that we start to feel the beautiful interplay of TRUTH, trust and letting go.

And lastly we need to understand (which is something I often have to remind myself of) that when we are mindful and in our complete truth there is no wrong and the more we live in it the more easily it is accessible.

Yes that was a mouthful, I please don't hesitate to post your thoughts or questions...or share your wisdom or experience. I would love to learn from you.

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